Waronker Not A Pumpkin

Despite reports to the contrary, Joey Waronker is the second drummer in as many months to say he is not joining the Smashing Pumpkins.

A spokesperson for Waronker's management says that although Waronker, best known as the drummer for Beck, is playing on the pending Pumpkins album, he is not joining the band, and he's not going to be replacing Matt Walker when the group tours to support their new album.

He confirms that overtures had been made to Waronker along those lines, but says logistically, things couldn't be worked out for a variety of reasons. He declined to elaborate.

Waronker will continue to work with Beck, do assorted sessions (he's drumming on new CDs by Liz Phair and Elliot Smith), and produce and remix other artists (he's currently in the studio producing Yum Yum's Chris Holmes). He also has an eye towards developing his own band, says the spokesperson.

As previously reported by MTV News (see "Matt Cameron

Says He Won't Be A Pumpkin"), former Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron squelched rumors he was joining the Pumpkins in late January.

The Smashing Pumpkins have been without a permanent drummer since Jimmy Chamberlin was fired in mid-'96. Matt Walker, formerly with Filter, joined as a touring member but left prior to the band entering the studio late last year. The new album, "Adore," features four tracks with Waronker and several more with Cameron. A drum machine supplies the rest. It's scheduled to be released in late May.