Smashing Pumpkins Talk About The Benefits Of Charity

The Smashing Pumpkins are already seeing dividends from the short benefit tour the band launched last week in San Francisco. The group is donating all proceeds from tickets sold to its shows to local charities, and has already helped out the East Bay Agency for Children, and handed over $432,000 to Los Angeles' Five Acres, which provides services to troubled and abused children.

While the band will lose money on the tour, the charity work is paying off for them in a different way, as they recently explained to MTV News.

"We just thought it was something very progressive to do to show people that a rock band can do something other than just rock and be rock stars," guitarist James Iha said. "We don't really expect to change the world by doing one single event like this, but we think it sets a good example, and in choosing an organization like this, we think they're very progressive in their thinking and it's non-political and

it's obviously a great cause." [1.2MB QuickTime]

"I feel so very comfortable with what we're doing, and I feel very good about it because, believe me, if anyone's been called a whiner more, I don't know," frontman Billy Corgan told MTV News of his reasons for staging the tour. "I always thought in the back of my mind, 'You people really don't understand what it is I'm talking about, and you don't understand the kind of person that I am.' So I feel this is the result of being on a long path where I expressed myself as an artist, was misunderstood, and now I'm saying, 'See, this is the end result of where I came from.' I found myself in all this, I helped people connect with things, and now I'm going to connect an even bigger dot, which is to take it around another corner."

The Pumpkins will continue their good works with a show in Detroit on Wednesday to benefit a program called Haven.