Pumpkins' Corgan Comments On ECW Fracas

So why would Billy Corgan smash a guitar over someone's head?

Because he doesn't like to be interrupted.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman has finally commented on his recent appearance at an Extreme Championship Wrestling event that saw him bash ECW personality Lou E. Dangerously over the head with an acoustic guitar. As we previously reported, Corgan hit the ring in Peoria, Illinois at an ECW event on July 22 to perform, but left amid a melee sparked by his guitar shot on Dangerously (see "Pumpkins At Work In Studio; Corgan Clashes With ECW").

Corgan, a longtime wrestling fan, gives his side of the incident on ECW's official Web site, explaining that he was invited to sing the national anthem by ECW head Paul Heyman at the event, and that he didn't take kindly to Dangerously's attempts to interrupt it.

"Let me start by saying that this incident with 'Lou E. Imitation' is a complete outrage,"

Corgan says on ECWwrestling.com. "After the warm reception I received from the crowd when I was announced as a surprise guest, what followed was like a bucket of cold water.

"Before I could play a note, I was attacked by Lou 'I used to be the Sign Guy but the Dudleys left me behind' Dangerously and his band of reckless thugs, [ECW stars] Steve Corino, Scotty Anton, and Jack Victory," Corgan continued. "It was, needless to say, an unwarranted intrusion upon my performance, and an insult that won't be easily forgotten. Lou may be the greatest manager in sports entertainment, but he is a no-class individual who should be ashamed to call himself an American."

After being surrounded by Corino, Anton, and Victory, Corgan managed to avoid a three-on-one whooping, thanks to the arrival of ECW stars Tommy Dreamer and Jerry Lynn. Corgan's full comments can be found at ECWwrestling.com.

Corino seems to have it

in for musicians, as the grappler got into a minor skirmish with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst during a Limp show last December (see "Limp Bizkit Clashes With ECW Wrestlers Onstage").

As for Corgan's out-of-ring activities, he and his fellow Pumpkins are currently holed up in a Chicago studio working on new material before heading out on the road next month as part of the Summersault 2000 tour.