Skinny Puppy Revisited At Dresden Festival

Industrial pioneers Skinny Puppy will be resurrected for a one-off show at the Doomsday Festival in Dresden, Germany, this weekend, and although fans won't be treated to any more such performances in the foreseeable future, they will be able to relive the event on record.

The band's cEvin Key told MTV News that the August 20 performance is being recorded for a release on the Nettwerk label with a working title of "Back And Forth Volume 5: Live Doomsday," a follow-up to four previous volumes of live Skinny Puppy material.

Audiophiles, however, will be missing half the show without the visual component, which will also be made available to fans. The performance is being filmed in 35mm format and will be issued on DVD.

Past band appearances have been considered performance art as much as concerts, and the always inventive Puppy is pulling out all the stops for the festival appearance. Sources report visual effects companies in Vancouver and Germany have been

working hard on the project for the past three months or more, and film director/visual artist Jörg Buttgereit ("Nekromantik," "Der Todesking") is reportedly playing a major role in the production.

"We will be keeping it as as true to the Skippy Puppy form as possible," Key said, confirming that the production will feature a tribute to keyboardist Dwayne "Duck" Goettel, who succumbed to a drug overdose in 1995. Goettel will not be replaced onstage.

Also missing will be the band's unofficial fourth member, producer/programmer/live sound engineer Dave "The Rave" Ogilvie, these days much in demand with production credits including Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and Ministry. According to Key, the estranged Ogilvie declined an invitation to take part in the production. His place is being taken by Greg Reely.

Skinny Puppy, considered a forerunner to groups such as NIN and Manson, formed in Vancouver and first recorded in 1983 with frontman Nivek Ogre (Kevin Ogilvie)

and keyboardist/programmer Key (Kevin Crompton). They gelled with the addition of Goettel in 1986 and they last performed live together in Chicago in July 1992.

The band imploded during the recording of its final album, "The Process," which was started in 1993 and eventually released in 1996. Ogre went on to form W.E.L.T., while Key and Goettel formed Download, which also included Philth (Phil Western), Mark Spybey, and later Anthony Valcic.

Download, which now features just Key and Philth (with help from Dutchman Bill Van Rooy), also has a new release on deck. That album, recorded in Los Angeles and titled "Effector," is due out October 24, also on Nettwerk.

Also scheduled for release in the near future on the Nettwerk/Subconscious label is an album called "Crystal Mass" by Tear Garden, a band anchored by Key and Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots. A Key solo album titled "The Ghost Of Each Room" will likely be issued next spring on Metropolis.


Garden will launch a short tour of Europe on September 1 before touring North America with yet another Key act, Plateau (which also features Western), November 5 through December 12. Also on that bill is Download, which puts Key onstage with all three bands.

Meanwhile, Ogre will finally release an album with collaborator Mark Walk under the project name OHGR. The album, titled "W.E.L.T.," should be out in October on the Spitfire label.