Roni Size Raps "Brown Paper Bag"

December 24 [12:00 EDT] -- Perhaps the hottest name in the musical genre known as drum & bass is Roni Size, whose latest album "New Forms" has made just about every critic of note's top ten list this year.

But despite the good word, or maybe because of all the next-big-thing hype around the so-called school of "electronica," one wonders if drum & bass will take of the U.S. as it has in the U.K.?

Size told MTV Europe recently, "I think, it's not just in the hip-hop world, also in the rock world, in the so-called 'electronica' world, in the dance world, I think, yunno', Americans as a whole are ready for something new and exciting. And...this is it" [800k QuickTime].

At least two American rappers seem to be drum & bass beleivers: E.P.M.D.'s Erick Sermon and Redman were recently in the studio with Roni Size, working on a track for Redman's next album, which is due out early next year.