Sister Hazel Avoids Overthinking "Mind" Single

As Sister Hazel frontman Ken Block continues to bask in the glow of the recent birth of his son, Chance, the band's new single, "Change Your Mind," continues to climb the pop radio charts, setting the stage for next week's release of "Fortress," Sister Hazel's new album.

MTV News recently caught up with Block and Sister Hazel guitarist Ryan Newell, and the two talked about the genesis of "Change Your Mind," a track that helped kick-start the final round of recording sessions for "Fortress."

"When I sat down to write ['Change Your Mind'], I was in this total mode of, 'Quit thinking about anybody else's opinion or what something needs to sound like,'" Block explained. "I wanted to just go in and write some songs that sounded good.

"I was going through a lot at the time, and I'm a real believer that our perception is our reality,

and if we can change the way we think about something, we can change the way we feel about it, and we can change our whole life and our whole world."

"It's a very big battle for me," he continued, "'because I just get little blips of that, and my mind can run into a prison at times. So I kind of wrote it real simply and straightforward as a little bit of a mantra or something, and I really liked the way it sounded acoustically, so I laid it down and brought it to the guys.

"We all spent a few days really working it up, and Ryan came up with a killer intro. It was one of those songs that really fell together and was a catalyst for the record taking back off in the second half [of the sessions]. We all sort of locked in together.

"Sometimes you bring something in and everybody knows

exactly [what to do]," Block said. "Everybody was feeling it and knew exactly what to do and 'Change Your Mind' was that. It was just a straightforward little song that was meant to just some from the heart and not the head. Everybody in the band really brought a nice color to it."

"It was recorded really quickly, too," added guitarist Ryan Newell. "We laid it down to see what it was going to sound like, and all of a sudden there's a bunch of high fives going around the room. Those are the ones that end up being the magical songs."

"The opposite of overthinking," [RealVideo] Block concluded.

Sister Hazel's "Fortress" will be released on June 27, and on June 29 the band will launch a tour to support the album in Tampa, Florida.