For Silverchair Frontman, Animal Rights Worth Singing (Not Preaching) About

Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns may trot out the animal rights issues that he holds dear in his music, but he doesn't want to sound preachy.

The singer has been a vegetarian for four years (and upgraded to vegan status three years ago), and addresses animal liberation on his band's latest album, "Neon Ballroom." Johns and his bandmates get socially aware on "Spawn Again," but don't plan on making a crusade out of it.

"It's not any form of fascism or anything," Johns told MTV News' John Norris recently of the track and his decision to speak out. "I'm not telling people how to eat or how to change their lives, I just wanted to express my opinion in a song and it's something, as I said, I feel very strongly about so that's just how I express myself through music.

"It started pretty much all to do with animal related issues," Johns went on to explain of his decision to become a vegetarian. "It was just a guilt thing. I'm the kind of person, as soon as I get something in

my head, I feel guilty about it, so I did it to get piece of mind and then once I was vegetarian, I started to doubt whether I should be consuming any animal products at all so I did the whole thing."

So far, Johns is the lone vegan in the band as his two bandmates still eat meat, and it doesn't seem that those statistic are likely to change given the frontman's anti-preaching leanings.

"I'm not forcing my opinions down people's throat," Johns said. "I'm not like a militant animal rights protestor or anything. It's something I believe in and I just want to express it, and if people agree with me, good. If they don't, I'm not forcing it on anyone."

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