Silverchair's Daniel Johns' Accuser: An Obsessed Fan?

Silverchair's Daniel Johns has been accused of harassment by an Australian woman who apparently leads a double life.

According to the Australian Associated Press, a woman named Emily Spencer applied for an apprehended violence order in a Newcastle, Australia, courtroom on June 28, saying that Johns had threatened to kill her with a gun he purchased in the U.S.

The 20-year old Johns, who is currently touring Canada, was not in court to answer the charges, but he signed a sworn statement saying that he had never made any threats, indirectly or directly, to her, and that he didn't know the woman.

Two days after the story first broke, things took an even more bizarre turn when "The Newcastle Herald" reported that the woman who originally filed the complaint was not a law student named Emily Spencer, but a roadworks traffic controller named Jodie Anne-Maree Barnes.

In the original complaint, "Spencer" claimed that the Silverchair frontman had been a friend of her musician

boyfriend for several years, and that Johns had become obsessed with her.

Reached on the road in Canada, the band's manager told MTV News that "the allegations are groundless, and I'm sure that this will prove to be just another bizarre, false accusation by an obsessed fan."

The case has been adjourned until July 26, and Johns is expected to return to Australia on July 20.