Silverchair On "Pop"-ularity

When grunge-trio Silverchair released their debut album, "Frogstomp," in 1995, loud, fuzzy guitars and long fuzzy hair ruled the popular musical landscape. But, oh, how things change in a few short years.

With hip-hop, teen pop and rap/metal hybrids dominating the airwaves, it would seem like the world would be a less friendly place for the group. However, the band just surfaced on Tuesday's "Total Request Live" with "Ana's Song (Open Fire)," which landed at the show's number 8 slot.

Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns told MTV that although guitar based rock doesn't grab headlines like it did in the early '90s, there's an upside to the situation. "Although rock bands don't particularly get as much attention or financial gratification," Johns said, "I guess in some ways it's easier to maintain your credibility and maintain your integrity."

After having spent much of the past six months on the road supporting their latest album, "Neon Ballroom," Silverchair are

about to head home to Australia for some much needed rest.