Silverchair Plays Last Gig Before Its 2000 Time-Out

Silverchair had its last chance to play "Anthem For The Year 2000" [RealVideo] in a timely fashion this past weekend.

The group's Saturday show at the Homebake Festival in Sydney will be its last for the forseeable future, as the band will not be performing a final New Year's Eve concert this year and will not play live at all in the year 2000. (The group has been on the road pretty much nonstop since February, playing 120 shows in 15 countries.)

Silverchair also has no immediate plans to record a follow-up to its third LP, "Neon Ballroom," which was released in March and has since been certified gold in the U.S.

While the Australian trio is neither breaking up nor retiring, the rumors that Saturday's performance would be Silverchair's swan song had become so widespread, the group's management office issued a press release to refute them.

Bassist Chris Joannou confirmed to fans at a Silverchair chat last month that

the group has a very small cache of recorded material stored away, including a song called "Without You," which will likely appear on soundtracks or other similar projects. He also indicated that the bandmembers will be writing new material not to fit a schedule, but whenever they feel the creative urge to do so.

Meanwhile, a new long-form video called "Emotional Picture" has just been released in Australia. According to the group's official Web site, the video follows the band through the creation of "Neon Ballroom" and the ensuing world tour and includes live performances as well as the videos for "Emotion Sickness," "Anthem For The Year 2000," "Ana's Song (Open Fire)" [RealVideo], and "Miss You Love."

A spokesperson for Epic Records in the U.S. told MTV News the video does not appear on any American release schedules at this time.