Silverchair Releasing Compilation, Planning New Label

Australian rockers Silverchair will end their tenure at Sony Music with at least one compilation album, a double CD due out December 12.

The CD, titled The Best Of ... Vol. 1, will feature the band's singles — including "Tomorrow" and "Pure Massacre", from the band's debut, 1995's Frogstomp — and some rare B-sides, according to Sony's Epic Records, the band's U.S. label.

Silverchair severed ties with Sony last month, saying they wanted more control over their music (see "Silverchair Waves Good-Bye To Label").

The band and its management have commented and released statements about the matter via Silverchair's official Web site,, and have directed press inquiries to the site. Though the trio will not record new albums for Sony, the band's manager, John Watson, told the site that under Silverchair's former

recording contract, Sony is legally entitled to repackage the band's existing recordings.

Watson and the band also announced on the site recently that Silverchair are launching a record label. Eleven: A Music Company will be operated by Watson, who will serve as the label's president, with distribution through EMI in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. A distribution deal with another company for the United States and other territories will be announced later this month, the band's management said.

On the new label, Silverchair will have ownership of their copyrights and "complete control over the creation and marketing of their music," a statement on the site said.

"We aren't looking to build any kind of empire with Eleven," Watson said on the site. "We simply want to develop a very focused, boutique operation which can be a vehicle for long-term, global career development of Australian artists."

The first signing to Eleven, aside from Silverchair,

is Australian electronic artist and remixer Paul Mac, another artist on Watson's management roster. His album is expected out early next year.

According to the announcement, Eleven's first release will be an online EP by Paul Mac and Silverchair singer Daniel Johns, recording under the name I Can't Believe It's Not Rock. The EP, featuring five experimental home recordings, will be available primarily through the Internet beginning December 1.

The band also announced on the site that Silverchair will be performing on New Year's Eve at the Falls Festival, staged annually at a farm near Lorne, Victoria, in Australia. Silverchair also will play the South American Rock in Rio festival in January (see "Silverchair, Chili Peppers To Rock In Rio").

Track listing for The Best Of ... Vol. 1:

  • "Anthem for the Year 2000"
  • "Freak"
  • "Ana's Song (Open Fire)"
  • "Emotion Sickness"
  • "Isreal's Son"
  • "Tomorrow"

  • "Cemetery"
  • "The Door"
  • "Miss You Love"
  • "Abuse Me"
  • "Pure Massacre"
  • untitled
  • "New Race"
  • "Trash"
  • "Ana's Song (Open Fire)" (acoustic)
  • "Madman"
  • "Blind"
  • "Punk Song 2"
  • "Wasted/Fix Me"
  • "Wasted"
  • "Minor Threat"
  • "Freak" remix