Sick Of It All: Hardcore Veterans

April 11 [10:00 EST] -- Over the past decade, the New York hardcore band Sick Of It All has watched the hardcore scene wax and wane, and through it all, the group has continued taking its music ["Chip Away" Live in NYC, '97, 500k QuickTime] to hardcore fans around the world.

The band (founded by brothers Lou and Pete Koller) has a serious work ethic, and all its years of work now appear to be paying off.

"That's actually how it was getting towards the late 80s for a little while," drummer Armand Magidi told MTV News. "It ruined the entire scene in New York, because there were too many kids who thought they had to be a tough guy in the scene as opposed to being a creative force."

When asked where all these late 80s scene crashers have gone, the band responded in unison, "jail."[1.3MB


True to its workaholic reputation, Sick Of It All is now playing dates around Europe, but the band will be back on the road here this summer as part of the Warped tour, which also features Social Distortion, Helmet, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Descendants, Pennywise, and the Royal Crown Revue among others.

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