UPDATE: Jennifer Lopez, Puff Daddy Questioned After New York Club Shooting

Jennifer Lopez and Sean "Puffy" Combs escaped injury in the early morning hours Monday when shots rang out at a New York nightclub, and police are now looking to the couple for answers as they begin their investigation.

New York's news channel NY1 first reported that three clubgoers were injured in a shooting at Club New York near Times Square at 2:20 a.m. on Monday. Police then questioned Lopez and Combs about the shooting at New York's Midtown North precinct after stopping the couple as they attempted to leave the area. After questioning them for much of the morning, police then transported them to Midtown South for further questioning by mid-morning.

Police have already reportedly arrested one 19-year-old Brooklyn man in connection with the incident.

While one victim who was grazed in the shoulder reportedly walked away from the scene without medical treatment, NY1 reports that two other victims (one woman who was shot in the face and another man with

a shoulder wound) are reportedly in stable condition in New York's St. Claire hospital.

Spokespeople for Combs' Bad Boy Records were not available for comment.

Addressing the incident, Club New York owner Michael Bergos told MTV News, "We're sorry the incident occurred. Puff Daddy and Jennifer Lopez have always been great to the club. They have never done anything wrong, and as far as we know, they didn't do anything wrong last night. It's under investigation by both the NYPD and Club New York." [RealVideo]

Bergos also noted that the shooting was an unfortunate first for the club, and offered "no comment" when and asked how a handgun made it through the club's security.