Bree Sharp's Life After "David Duchovny" Includes TV Debut, New Single

After scoring a breakthrough hit with "David Duchovny" and introducing herself to the public on this summer's Lilith Fair, Bree Sharp has plans for a follow-up single as well as her television debut.

Sharp will take her sunny sounds to the even sunnier set of "Live With Regis & Kathie Lee" on Tuesday, September 14 for what will be the New York-based (but Philadelphia-born) singer-songwriter's national television debut.

"I was very psyched, but I thought they were booking me for 'I Want To Be A Millionaire,'" Sharp joked about the news. "I'm really happy actually," Sharp added.

In an effort to show that there is in fact life after "David Duchovny," Sharp will soon release "America," the second single from her "A Cheap And Evil Girl" debut album. The track has been released to a few radio stations already, and will soon go nationwide.

Sharp will take the song to listeners directly with a few select tour dates. If you want to catch her, here's where to look:

  • 9/15 - Nashville, TN @ WRLT Radio Concert
  • 9/24 - Salt Lake City, UT @ KENZ Radio Concert
  • 9/26 - Boise, ID @ KFXJ Radio Festival
  • 9/29 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues

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