More Tupac Material Discovered

Jan. 28 [8:00 EST] -- According to one of Tupac Shakur's former producing partners, the late rapper left behind an enormous catalog of unreleased material when he died in Las Vegas last September.

Johnny Jackson, who recently sued Death Row Records for royalties he claims he is owed for his work on Tupac's "All Eyez On Me," told the "Los Angeles Times" that Tupac finished work on more than 150 songs before he was fatally shot. Jackson reportedly told the "Times" that the bulk of the unreleased material was recorded during the sessions for "All Eyez On Me."

Some of the songs will trickle out in the near future on the soundtracks for "Gridlock'd" and "Gang Related," two films the rapper completed before his death.

However, the "Times" reports that future of the rest of the Tupac archive is not known.