Tupac's Co-star Sings His Praises

Jan. 31 [16:00 EST] -- Tim Roth, Tupac Shakur's co-star in "Gridlock'd," reportedly heralds the late rapper's acting skills, saying that their film "would have been a good launch pad" for Tupac.

Roth ("Pulp Fiction," "Reservoir Dogs") told reporters that Tupac was "was very keen to do this film," which is a dark comedy about two heroin addicts who get caught in the vast mechanisms of rehab.

"He saw the role was very different from what was expected of him," Roth told reporters.

It may have changed things for him. I'd like to think that it would have, but that's hindsight."

Roth told Reuters that he knew absolutely nothing about Tupac before the two began work on the film, and that's the way Tuapc wanted it.

Roth said that Tupac warned him, "Don't see any of my films. Don't look at my videos, don't listen to the music. That's all hype. That's all performance. I'd just like to meet you and talk about the characters."

"Gridlock'd" opened Wednesday

at theaters nationwide.