Tupac Wrecks Anti-Rap Activist's Sex Life

August 4 [16:00 EDT] -- For the past three years, C. Delores Tucker has crusaded against raunchy rap lyrics on the basis that they were detrimental to the spirit of black youth, and now she apparently has a new tact.

Tucker filed a $10 million lawsuit against the estate of Tupac Shakur claiming that Shakur's references to her in two songs on the 1996 album "All Eyez On Me" constitute defamation. Tucker (who names Interscope, Death Row, and Tower Records among the distributors and retailers included in the suit) claims that the pain she suffered as a result of this perceived defamation has effected her sex life with her husband.

Tucker and her husband were particularly hurt by references to the outspoken anti-rap activist in Tupac's number one single "How Do You Want It" and the album cut "Wonda Why They Call You Bitch." Richard Fischbein, who represents the Shakur estate, told the "Los Angeles Times," "It's hard for me to conceive how these lyrics could destroy her sex

life. But we can only wait for the proof to be revealed in court."

Jacques Agnant, who also claims he was defamed by Tupac on "All Eyez On Me," filed a similar suit against the Shakur estate earlier this year.