Tupac's Deadbeat Dad Shut Out Of Estate

December 10 [16:45 EDT] -- Tupac Shakur's biological father won't be sharing in his son's fortune.

The contributions of William Garland were "miniscule" according to Judge Arnold Gold when it came to the care and support of his son as a child, thus the New Jersey trucker was not entitled to any part of the late rapper's estate, much less the 50% share Garland was seeking.

According to a Nando News Service report, Shakur's mother, Afeni, had strenuously fought the petition. Judge Gold heard mostly her testimony during a three-day trial that showed Garland's contributions to his biological son's upbringing were not much more than $820, a bag of peanuts and a ticket to the movie "Rollerball." Garland didn't see his son for 15 of the rapper's 25 years.

Shakur was shot in 1996. His estate remains tied up with various legal actions which could be worth millions by the time it's all sorted out.