Tupac Bootleg Hits Stores

The hottest release to hit the bootleg scene in some time is not from Prince or Pearl Jam, but the late Tupac Shakur.

"Makaveli Part 2" -- an eighteen track, seventy minute hodgepodge of unreleased tracks and interviews has so far been spied at better bootleg outlets in New York, Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, and Los Angeles.

Many of the tracks feature Tupac's proteges, The Outlaw Immortalz, and a number of track listings include the names of performers Tupac summarily disses.

Afeni Shakur's Amaru Records has the rights to nearly all of her son's unreleased tracks, but the rights to many of the songs on "Makaveli 2" still belong to Death Row. Even though they prominently feature Tupac, they were originally recorded for use on the Outlaw Immortalz album.

A spokesperson for Death Row says that they are aware of the bootleg and that a majority of the tracks will appear on the Outlaw LP, due out this Spring.