Sevendust Goes For "Human Beehive" Look In New Video

In preparation for the upcoming release of "Home," Sevendust took to Los Angeles last weekend to shoot an ambitious video for the album's first single, "Denial."

The shoot saw the band team with director Paul Anderson, the man who sent a room spinning around Metallica for "The Memory Remains" and hooked Veruca Salt up to bungee chords for "Volcano Girls." Anderson's treatment for the video called for the band to perform the song in a setting likened to "a claustrophobic human beehive," and according to those on hand, he managed to do just that. Some 125 extras packed in on a metal framework (not unlike oversize monkey bars) forming human walls and a ceiling. As if that weren't enough, a man-made downpour rains down on the set during the song's final chorus.

"The look of the film will be sweaty [and] hot, like a meat locker where the refrigeration broke during a heat wave in summer," Anderson's treatment promises.

We should be able to see soon enough if he met that goal,

as the band hopes to have the video edited and delivered to MTV by next Thursday, August 19.

Sevendust was to have launched a U.S. tour on Wednesday in Portland, but the band postponed its first three dates that very day when the girlfriend of frontman Lajon Witherspoon went into labor several weeks before her due date (the couple had a daughter, Mia Diane Witherspoon, and all are healthy and happy).

The group is hoping to begin its tour (which sees Powerman 5000, Staind, and Skunk Anansie opening up) on Saturday in Sacramento or on Monday in Hollywood. Here's how the rest of the tour looks after that:

  • 8/17 - Las Vegas, NV @ House Of Blues
  • 8/19 - Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
  • 8/20 - Lawrence, KS @ Liberty Hall
  • 8/21 - Maryland Hgts., MO @ Riverport Amphitheatre
  • 8/22 - St. Paul, MN @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium
  • 8/27 - Hampton Beach, NH @ Casino Ballroom
  • 9/3 - Rockford, IL @ On The Waterfront
  • 9/11 - Virginia Beach, VA @ Virginia

    Beach Amphitheater