Sevendust Turns Tour Finale Into Video Shoot

Sevendust used Monday night's tour finale in New York as the backdrop for "Waffle," the second video from the band's sophomore album, "Home."

Judging from the vibe of the show, the band found precisely what they were looking for.

After up-and-comers Chevelle, Dope, and Static-X warmed up the capacity crowd, Sevendust hit the stage bathed in their most ambitious stage lighting yet and greeted by a swirling mosh pit that never seemed to lose intensity through the band's set.

New York is probably one of the better crowds," Sevendust frontman Lajon Witherspoon told the MTV Radio Network on Monday before taking the stage for the concert and corresponding video shoot. "Then we have a beautiful place in Hammerstein Ballroom, and over 2,000 kids going crazy. Hopefully we'll get some good footage." [RealAudio]

The whirl of activity should give director Marcos Siega (the

man behind Blink-182's "All The Small Things" and Quicksand's "Thorn In My Side") plenty to work with in putting together "Waffle." As we reported last week, the band will shoot more footage for the video in New York on Tuesday and Wednesday, and now plans to incorporate the Hammerstein performance footage into the video's plot (see "Sevendust Headed To New York For Video Shoot").