Sevendust Braves Bone-Chilling Elements On Video Shoot

If the phrase "suffering for your art" had not yet been coined, someone surely would have stumbled across it Saturday night on the set of Sevendust's new video.

With temperatures plunging down to 19 degrees and a biting wind dropping the wind chill to -15 degrees, the band braved the elements atop a six-story warehouse building on the east side of Manhattan's midtown to shoot additional footage for the clip for "Waffle."

The location used to be a greenhouse, but with most of the glass now gone from the top floor's steel frame, there was little protection from the winter wind that swept in over the East River. While crew members tucked away under layer after layer of cold weather gear and huddled around portable heaters, the band members shot their takes sporting little more than their stage clothes and thermal underwear.

It was the second bone-chilling shoot in two days for Sevendust, who spent a decent chunk of Friday on the streets of New York. Despite the two-day

dance with frostbite, the band members were still throwing themselves into their work on Saturday night. Guitarist John Connelly played so hard he broke four strings over the course of the evening, and all five band members jumped, stomped, and flailed their way through the shoot (mainly in an effort to keep warm).

"It makes the energy level go up better," frontman Lajon Witherspoon told MTV News of the weather's effect on his performance. "It makes us work harder to make sure we get it done. For a while there, we didn't think we were going to make it. We saw a few people who didn't make it. A few people lost it, but we made it." [RealVideo]

The seemingly sadistic mind behind the shoot is director Marcos Siega, who took Blink-182 to a sun-splashed beach to shoot the video for "All The Small Things."

"I really wanted to do this in L.A., and someone said, 'Do it in New York,'"

Siega explained. In truth, Sevendust had planned to shoot everything that it needed for the "Waffle" video in December when the band came to New York to play the Hammerstein Ballroom. However, after shooting performance footage at that show (see "Sevendust Turns Tour Finale Into Video Shoot"), the band had a hard time fitting additional shoots into an already tight schedule.

"We kind of put everyone on the spot so bad that it was like, 'Okay, we need to do the video and we need to do it tomorrow," drummer Morgan Rose explained. "It was impossible."

All parties pushed the shoot back one month, a move that seemed harmless at the time. "It was 60 degrees in New York, 60 degrees, 70 degrees, and then I land and it's 20 below," Siega said.

Between takes, the members of Sevendust dashed off-camera in search of coats, smokes, and tissues. As guitarist Clint Lowery rested under a bank of lights, steam rose eerily from all around

his head in an image straight out of some classic NFL Films footage of the Green Bay Packers and the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

While Sevendust and Siega made it through the shoot unscathed, others weren't so lucky. "The actress in the thing at one point just broke down and started crying and we had to call her agent," Siega recalled. "She was like, 'I can't go out there anymore. It's so cold.'"

The product of all the pain should surface in the coming weeks, and in the meantime the group has warmed plans for the next time around.

"The next Sevendust video will be in Bali," Siega joked.

"Either that or Aruba," Connelly added.

"Waffle" should be hitting radio next week, and the band has a new track, "Fall," on the "Scream 3" soundtrack, which hits stores this week.