Taja Sevelle's Sonic Taj Mahal

November 7 [12:30 EDT] -- Singer/songwriter Taja Sevelle is looking to make the Alanis Morissette transmutation from pop kid to full-grown artist.

In 1988, Sevelle's self-titled debut album was a foray into the dance/pop genre; her single "Love Is Contagious" went to number three on the British pop charts. Nine years later the Minneapolis native, who was offered her first record contract by Prince (as some of us still know him), decided it was time to go back into the studio.

Her latest LP, Toys of Vanity, produced and co-written by R.J. Rice (Poe/Demond), is going for an edgier, deeper sound on top of groove beats.

Sevelle's single "I & I" [700k QuickTime], illustrates her new, darker pop sound.