Brian Setzer Files Suit To Halt Sale Of Early Recordings

While Brian Setzer is enjoying a career resurgence thanks to the rise in popularity of swing music, the former Stray Cats frontman filed a federal suit last week to prevent an old bandmate from cashing in on his new fame.

In the suit, Setzer claims that Ken Kinnally, a member of one of his pre-Stray Cats bands, the Bloodless Pharaohs, illegally licensed early recordings from the band without Setzer's consent, according to "Billboard."

Comprised of both studio and live tracks cut during the late '70s, the material has been collected and released by Collectible Records under the title, "Brian Setzer & the Bloodless Pharaohs."

The suit asks for a permanent injunction against the marketing and sale of the album, in addition to financial compensation to be determined during the trial proceedings.

No word yet on when the case may actually come before a federal court, but we'll keep you posted.