Setzer Signs On To Shill Scotch

Officially cashing in on the swing revival, Stray Cat-turned-band leader Brian Setzer has lined up his first non-music endorsement deal it was announced Wednesday.

Setzer, whose "Dirty Boogie" has gone double platinum since its release six months ago, has signed on with Chivas Regal Scotch in a deal that will see the company sponsor some of Setzer's tour dates while the musician pops up in ads for Chivas.

The ads will feature a cocktail concocted specifically for Setzer, "The Chivas Dirty Boogie," which is Chivas, club soda and a dash of cherry juice (kids, don't try this at home).

For Setzer, the deal sees the musician getting behind a product that he firmly believes in. "I'm excited to be involved with Chivas, something that I've personally enjoyed for years," Setzer said in a statement announcing the deal.

For Chivas, the deal is, well, a marketing move. "The deal marks the first step of a marketing campaign to align its brand with music," the company's

press release read.

"We've found that many of Chivas' consumers have embraced a return to the days of glamour and supper clubs. Brian's music reflects this trend," added Bob Dubin, a man who holds the title of Scotch category manager at Seagram Americas.

Setzer is expected to shoot his first print ad for Chivas in New York this week.