Brian Setzer '80s Collection To Feature Pre-Orchestra Material

Brian Setzer hasn't always been the slick dressing big band leader we know him as today, and a new collection due in stores on November 16 explores his pre-Brian Setzer Orchestra roots, including a few Stray Cats tracks.

"The Brian Setzer Collection 1981-1988" will single edits of the Stray Cats' "(She's) Sexy And 17" and "Rock This Town" as well as an a cappella version of "I Won't Stand In Your Way" and a previously unreleased live version of "Runaway Boys."

Most of the collection, however, concentrates on Setzer's solo work pre-dating the formation of his current group, The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Among those songs are a previously unreleased cover of "Summertime Blues" (a different version than the one on the 1987 "La Bamba" soundtrack), his minor 1984 hit "The Knife Feels Like Justice," and a number of previously unreleased tracks, including "Echo Park," "Thing About You," "Waiting For Desiree," and "Living Souls."

"The Brian Setzer Collection 1981-1988" track


  • The Stray Cats - "(She's) Sexy And 17 (single edit)"
  • The Stray Cats - "Rock This Town (single edit)"
  • "Summertime Blues"
  • "The Knife Feels Like Justice"
  • "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"
  • "Echo Park"
  • "When The Sky Comes Tumblin' Down (single edit)"
  • "Cross Of Love"
  • "Every Tear That Falls"
  • "Thing About You"
  • "Waiting For Desiree"
  • "Bobby's Back"
  • "Keep Your Lovin' Strong"
  • "Living Souls"
  • "The Rain Washes Everything Away"
  • The Stray Cats - "I Won't Stand In Your Way (a cappella)"
  • The Stray Cats - "Runaway Boys (live)"
  • "Chains Around Your Heart"