Semisonic Hopes Old Fans Followed Them To "Closing Time"

"Feeling Strangely Fine" has turned out to be a most appropriate title for the second album by Semisonic, who currently own one of the most requested videos on MTV.

The band's "Closing Time" [370k QuickTime] consistently lands near the top of the Total Request bin winning a slew of new fans in the process, but frontman Dan Wilson recently told MTV News that he was more concerned about what fans of the band's first record would think of the follow-up.

"The response that I was most worried about was the fans of 'The Great Divide,'" Wilson said, "I really was curious whether they were going to dig the new album. And we've gotten so much e-mail and so much response from those fans that they even liked 'Feeling Strangely Fine' better, which was kind of a huge relief for me. Everything after that was like, gravy."

The band will launch a month-long tour in Columbia, Maryland on August 5, and will follow up its "Closing Time" success

with the single "Singing In My Sleep" with a video directed by Chris Applebaum.