Semisonic Warns Fans Against "Closing Time" Cover

A copy-cat version of Semisonic's "Closing Time" performed by a New Jersey act named Sokaotic has come to the Minneapolis band's attention, who are warning fans not confuse the two.

Even though Semisonic scored a breakthrough hit with "Closing Time" [350k QuickTime], the lead cut from its "Feeling Strangely Fine" album, the group never released it for commercial sale as a single -- leaving the door open for impostors to fill the void with counterfeit versions.

The band has posted a warning about the Sokaotic song on its official website, which reads, in part:

"We wanted you to know that there is no U.S. single release by Semisonic. Anything we release will have our name loud and proud somewhere on the packaging. Don't get fooled by this guy, and please don't get ripped off."

A similar situation befell Smash Mouth and Sugar Ray last year, when knock-off versions of "Walking on the Sun" and "Fly" began

to turn up in record store shelves (see "Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth Pulled 'Under The Covers'").

Like last year's incidents, the name of the group covering "Closing Time" is close enough to the original band's name to cause some confusion to the more casual record-buyer, as it alphabetically places Sokaotic near where Semisonic would be in the singles' bins.

A more "on-the-level" release from the group is its recent re-issue of "Pleasure," the 1995 indie E.P. which the band cut before signing with MCA Records and recording 1996's "The Great Divide."

Semisonic, which will release "Singing in My Sleep" as its next single, is currently on the road with Matchbox 20 and Soul Asylum. The tour rolls into Chicago's Rosemont Horizon on Friday night.