Schoolly D Sets Scene With Film Scores

Philadelphia's own Schoolly D has been on hiatus from the rap game since his 1994 "Welcome to America" LP, but the rapper has kept himself busy scoring films -- and is working on a new picture, "New Rose Hotel," with director Abel Ferrara of "Bad Lieutenant" and "King of New York" fame.

In an interview with the MTV Radio Network, Schoolly D talked about making the adjustment in his approach to music brought on by the shift in medium from music to film.

"It differs because you're partly responsible for the mood of the film," Schoolly D explained, "you're not an actor but you're part of the act, you know what I'm saying? If the music's not right, then you don't feel right. So when you're sitting there in your seat, it's up to me to help you along with the score of the film, to keep you updated."

Schoolly D is also keeping his performance chops in shape by working with a funk band, Schoolly D and the U.S. Funk Mob, and does some DJ-ing in the winter. Look for "New Rose Hotel"

to be released in early 1999.

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