Savage Garden Singer Falls For Kirsten Dunst In New Video

After tabulating more than 11 million in worldwide sales of its 1997 debut album, the Aussie pop duo known as Savage Garden has returned with its second record, "Affirmation."

The first single off the album is "I Knew I Loved You," and for the video, Savage Garden enlisted the aid of 17-year-old actress Kirsten Dunst, veteran of such films as "Interview With The Vampire," "Wag The Dog, " "Drop Dead Gorgeous," and the upcoming "The Crow: Salvation."

MTV News recently caught up with Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes, who sounded a bit smitten at having worked with the prominent teen actress.

"She was just wonderful," Hayes said of Dunst. "I think that everyone on the set was just charmed by her. I actually thought... I didn't realize she was acting during the video, because she was quite charming, and I was like, 'Is that for me?' But when the cameras stopped rolling, so did our chemistry.

She's wonderful. She's really talented and a great person." [RealVideo]

In addition to the new Savage Garden album, Darren Hayes also appears on Rosie O'Donnell's charity record, "A Rosie Christmas," in which Hayes offers up a rendition of the George Michael song "Last Christmas."