Savage Garden On Highs, Lows Of Independence

Affable Australian duo Savage Garden has scored the number one single in the country for the second week in a row with "I Knew I Loved You" from its album "Affirmation."

The album hits many of the high and low points of love affairs and singer Darren Hayes admitted to us that most of his songs evolved in the wake of his recent divorce.

"I think a lot of the record is about my marriage, and a lot of it is that disappointment that it didn't work out [and] accepting that, you know, you don't get married to not be married one day," Hayes told MTV News. "It's a bit of a tribute, really, to the love and those sort of things, and so in a way it's kind of special."

Unlike a lot of pop-charting bands such as the Backstreet Boys and 'NSYNC, Savage Garden have always called the creative shots on their own work, which is a point of pride for singer.

"I think the one thing that I love about this career," Hayes began,

"is that it has taught me that you don't have to sell your soul to sell records. I think I was always afraid of that, and I don't really fit in with the whole celebrity room. I don't really have celebrity friends."

"I didn't have to sell my soul and shake anyone's hand or kiss anyone's butt to get where I am,". he added. ""And if means that I'll never be in, possibly on, the social pages of tabloid magazines, then that's okay." [RealVideo]

Savage Garden is currently on a promotional tour in Asia, and the duo recently filmed the video for "Crash And Burn," its next single. The group is expected to tour the U.S. later this year.