Adam Sandler Explains "The Peeper"

In stores this week are highly anticipated new records by Nine Inch Nails, Tori Amos, Chris Cornell, the Terror Squad... and Adam Sandler.

The "Saturday Night Live" cast member-turned-movie star has just released his fourth album, "Stan And Judy's Kid," which is sure to please fans of his, shall we say, unique brand of humor.

Among the promotions to plug the album is an animated short that Sandler is offering to his Internet fans, called "The Peeper." Stan and Judy Sandler's kid recently discussed how it came to fruition with MTV News.

"There was this kid, Tom Winkler, who was a real funny guy, and he's got this [animation-driven Web site] '' on the Internet, and some guys showed it to me and I thought it was real funny," Sandler explained.

"And I thought it'd be real nice to animate this thing ['The Peeper'] and do something," Sandler continued. "There's a lot

of pages on the Internet [where] people write about me, they make homepages for me. I wanted to do something strictly for the 'Net, and show these people I appreciate what they're doin'." [RealVideo]

Sandler's animated skit can be found at