Rapper Salt, Designer Oldham Direct Videos

Jan. 30 [8:00 EST] -- Rapper Cheryl James, the Salt of Salt 'N' Pepa, branches out into video-directing next month, when she starts shooting a clip for "You Represent," a track off the debut album by "Day-Ta-Day," a group signed to Salt 'N' Pepa's own little record label, Gy-Ra.

As for a new Salt 'N' Pepa album, that's in the works too, and should be out in the spring.

Fashion designer Todd Oldham is also moving into the director's chair. Oldham, who did a Maxi Priest video some time ago, has now completed a clip for Us-3, the jazz-rap act that made considerable noise a couple of years back with a spiffed-up Herbie Hancock sample called "Cantaloop."

Oldham's video is for "Come On Everybody, Get Down," a track off the upcoming Us-3 album "Broadway and 52nd," which is due out in April.