Run-DMC Meets DX For WWF Video Shoot

Run-DMC's forthcoming "Crown Royal" album may be delayed, but the group is still keeping busy with some new musical endeavors.

The Kings from Queens (as Run-DMC is sometimes called) were in Brooklyn, New York last week to shoot a video for "The Kings." The track is Run-DMC's contribution to the "WWF Aggression" album, which features rock-rap fusion versions of several World Wrestling Federation wrestler entrance themes.

"Kings" reworks the theme for D-Generation X, a group consisting of WWF wrestlers X-Pac, Road Dogg, Bad Ass Billy Gunn, and former World Heavyweight Title-holder Triple H, along with his onscreen wife, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (who currently holds the Women's World Title). All those folks appear in the video, as do up-and-coming WWF stars The Hardy Boyz.

Although the members of Run-DMC would not consider themselves to be the biggest wrestling fans in the world, the group's DJ, Jam Master Jay, believes that the world of sports entertainment

has a few things in common with the hip-hop arena.

"The biggest point is that wrestling has a whole world of people," Jay explained on the set of the recent "Kings" video shoot. "It's all types of vibes goin' on in wrestling. Wrestling has grown so big... it's almost a culture. And it's a culture of all types of vibes, just like hip-hop has all kinds of vibes and rap has all kinds of vibes."

Run-DMC's involvement with the "WWF Aggression" LP came about outside the usual industry channels, as Jam Master Jay said he was approached for the project by one of the group's labelmates from their days at seminal rap label Profile Records.

"As a matter of fact, Dana Dane gave me a call, the MC Dana Dane gave me a call," Jay said, referring to the rapper who scored crossover success

in the

late '80s with "Cinderfella" from his 1987 album, "Dana Dane With Fame."

"[Dane] said he was doin' somethin' on [the album]," Jay continued, "and he said he would have a lot to do with it. So I gave my men Run and D a call, and framma lam, framma lam..." [RealVideo]

The new Run-DMC clip should hit the airwaves in mid-May. The just-shot video should not be confused with a previously aired clip for "The Kings;" that older video, which has been shown during WWF programming, combined Run-DMC studio footage with shots of D-Generation X enjoying a night out on the town.

The "WWF Aggression" album is in stores now and also features tracks from Kool Keith & ODB, C Murder featuring Magic, Ice-T, and Method Man.