Roth Talks Crazy From the Heat

May 29 [10:00 EDT] -- Representatives for David Lee Roth have confirmed reports that Roth is currently in a Florida studio recording a spoken word album as a companion piece to his autobiographical book, "Crazy From the Heat" due out later this year. Roth's had a good coach for the project - spoken word veteran Henry Rollins has been acting as an advisor.

The reps are mum on the content of the book, but the bulk of it was reportedly written shortly after Roth's brief re-entry and acrimonious re-exit from Van Halen late last year, so expect that period to be covered in great detail (Allowing Sammy Hagar to catch his breath).

Roth has also been working on recording a new song called "Don't Piss Me Off" for a pending 17-song Greatest Hits package currently being issued by Warner International in Europe and Japan. The record wasn't scheduled for an American release but the company is giving a domestic version a second look.

Meanwhile, reports that Roth was reforming

his old group for an "Eat 'Em & Smile" reunion tour were denied by former Roth guitarist Steve Vai's camp as well as sources close to Roth. Vai's assistant posted a note on the Internet saying "Steve has received no offers from the Roth camp regarding a reunion tour, and in any case he is happy with his solo career and will be on the road until late '97."