Roth Readies Ripping Bio

July 10 [10:00 EDT] -- Preparations are in full swing for the pending release of the David Lee Roth biography, "Crazy From The Heat." The Roth Slawterhouse website reports that a 23-city book tour is planned and that his handlers are approaching everyone from Larry King to Letterman about media appearances.

The Slawterhouse contributors, also known as The Keepers, report that an unfinished manuscript containing "some really great bad s**t about some other people" has inadvertently been sent to various magazines being solicited to run excerpts of the book. Other sources are calling the manuscript distribution "well placed leaks."

As previously reported by MTV News, there will be a companion recording to go with the bio. Roth was in a studio in Florida last May cutting a spoken word album based on the book. Henry Rollins, who won a best spoken word Grammy a few years ago, acted as an advisor.

Roth and Rollins are friends, but though Henry does have his own publishing

company called "2-13-61," as in his date of birth as you may have guessed, he won't be publishing Dave's book, which is due in the fall.

On the music front, Roth's pending Greatest Hits record, already out elsewhere in the world with one new track called "Don't Piss Me Off." Best of tracks include: "Yankee Rose," "Shy Boy," "Ladies Night In Buffalo," "Goin' Crazy," "Elephant Gun," "That's Life," "California Girls," "Just Like Paradise," "The Bottom Line," "Skyscraper," "Hot Dog," "A Lil' Ain't Enough," "Short It," "40 Below," "It's Showtime," "She's My Machine," and "A Little Luck."

The record will likely be released in the States with a second new song and the Keepers report that Roth's people have been in touch with producer Bob Rock's people about the idea. No release date has been set as yet for North America, but a spokesperson for Warner Bros. says it's unlikely it will be available here this year. Sources say Roth and the label are still negotiating.


his song "Private Parts," recorded for but never included on the soundtrack to the Howard Stern movie of the same name, is available for downloading on the Internet at the Slawterhouse site: