David Lee Roth... Author

August 6 [10 EDT] -- Former Van Halen frontman man will tell his whole story, and then some, in "Crazy From The Heat," an autobiography set to arrive in October.

Proving previous reports to be true, an advance copy of the book has a very Diamond Dave feel to it, and not too surprisingly addresses the big blowup following the semi-reunion the original Van Halen line-up attempted at last year's MTV Video Music Awards.

In the book, Roth offers a final judgment on the band's guitar player saying, "Ed Van Halen without a guitar is a crummy human being."

Van Halen's management had no comment on that, but did note that the band's first album is finished and will be released in January, not on October 14 as previously reported.

A tour would normally follow, but Eddie Van Halen still hasn't undergone the hip-replacement surgery he needs before heading back out on the road.