David Lee Roth Talks About Doing It Indie-Style

After trying his hand as an author with his autobiography last year, David Lee Roth is back to doing what he does best, cranking out guitar-rich, innuendo-laden rock, and so far fans seem to be glad he's back.

Roth, who with his DLR Band returned to record racks earlier this month with a self- titled album (see "New Diamond Dave Record Ready, DLR Band To Tour"), has his own record label, Wawazat!! Records, and a rock radio hit on his hands with his new single "Slam Dunk." The track has been a request-line favorite for the last month, and Dave himself couldn't be happier.

"See, I'm a total failure in my personal life, so I feel great when the audience loves a record, babe," Roth joked of the response his track has found. "That's amazing, to be able to do it just on the basis of the music and what is there, because there's no trick to it. There is no, 'Oh, we followed a trend' or whatever. This is all I can really

do, o.k. I've always been accused of writing songs that are nothing but cars and girls and so forth, and I thought to myself, 'I've never done that intentionally, so this time I'm gonna.' [500k Quicktime] And it turns out that's what's on everybody else's mind as well. It's the basic thing of, in the digital era, you can get yourself a brand new digital diode ray read out light microwave oven with a self-encrusting, self-timing tray and whatever, but how do we tell when the chicken's done? You stick your finger in it. That's the element in people that I deal with [1MB QuickTime] lyrically and as well musically."

While things are going well so far for Roth and his new record label, the singer says that he doesn't have any dreams of CEO glory, a la Puffy or Master P.

"I have plans only as far as presiding over what we do here for the DLR Band under

my own auspices, because at the end of a good day in rock and roll, it'll be two and a half years long. If everything goes really good, my good day will last two and a half years before the last shards of broken glass are swept up from the last luau after the last show of the gig of the world tour. That will be two and a half years from now, and when that happens, send me to some salt water." [1.2MB QuickTime]

Despite his world tour talk, Roth said that the DLR Band has yet to line up tour plans, but we'll keep you posted.