Roots Take A Swing At Video Cliches

Jan. 7 [8:00 EST] -- The hip-hop band Roots takes satirical aim at the excesses of rap videos with the clip for the group's new single, "What They Do."

The idea has a certain "Spinal Tap" flavor to it and, none too surprisingly, hard rock was the inspiration.

"We thought we had a great idea so we wrote the song, but we didn't know that that was gonna be the video concept," the Roots' Tariq told MTV News.

"The director, Chuck Stone, he tried the idea before with a different group, a rock band, I believe, called Tesla, but it didn't fly. We saw that video, and then we started thinking, 'What if we linked the two, and tried to do the same thing from the hip-hop perspective?' We actually had a song that was about that, so it applied better to our situation."

The Roots' "What They Do" video is currently rotating away in the "Buzz Bin" and "Yo! MTV Raps."