Roots To Offer Up Chaotic Covers For New Album

When the Roots drop their new album, "Things Fall Apart," fans will be able to pick up the album in one of five different limited edition covers.

When the covers arrive with the album next February, each will feature a different black and white photo playing off of the common theme of a world in chaos, which is at the center of the W.B. Yeats poem "The Second Coming" which inspires the album's title.

One cover will feature the famous image of a child scorched in the bombing of Hiroshima; another shows L.A.P.D. officers pursuing African-American citizens during the 1965 riots in Watts; a third captures the outstretched hand of a poker player who was shot dead; another shows the inside of a church that was destroyed by an arsonist; and the fifth features the face of a starving child.

While the album won't be out until next year, the hip-hop outfit's first single, "Don't See Us," is already popping up on college radio.