The Roots Pass On Radio City For Small Club Gig On New Year's Eve

The Roots have juggled their New Year's Eve plans and will not ring in the new millennium with Erykah Badu and D'Angelo at Radio City Music Hall as they had originally intended.

Instead of that high-profile celebration, the hip-hop outfit will ring in Y2K with an intimate show at New York's Life that will see the group joined by DJs Grandmaster Flash, Funkmaster Flex, and Kid Capri.

"There's a lot of spontaneity at our shows, as of late there's been," Roots drummer ?uestlove recently told the MTV Radio Network of what fans should expect. "I think just recently we've learned to let go and not sort of depend on the crutch of tradition. You know, [saying,] 'This is where this background part comes in. We have to make sure it's this speed,' and all this stuff. Usually boredom sets in. For us, that's when experimental moments come the most. So depending on what our mood is, that's what type of show you'll get."

Also on the live horizon for The Roots are two shows

at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music Opera House on December 11 and 12 that will see the group team with former Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid to play all of the songs from Prince's "1999" album (see "Roots, PM Dawn, Vernon Reid To Party With Prince's '1999' Album").