Rollins Returns, And Brings The Black Monks With Him

April 10 [12:00 EST] -- The Rollins Band, with Henry at the helm, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with its first album in three years, called "Come In And Burn."

Believe it or not, the record was produced in laid-back Woodstock, New York by Steve Thompson who's previously worked with such acts as Metallica, Blues Traveler, and the Butthole Surfers.

The video for the album's first single, "Starve," ["Starve" video, QuickTime, 1.2MB] includes footage from those sessions as well as a festival date in Rio De Janeiro. According to Henry Rollins, having Thompson on board helped with the group's songwriting since, normally, the band tends to be somewhat over-analytical.

"There's a song on the record called 'Shame,' the first track on the album," Rollins told MTV News. "We wrestled that song

for a

year, discussing it back and forth. It's in the set, it 's out of the set, new lyrics, old lyrics, arrangement... it just went 80 different ways, where a song like "Starve" was like 'next.' It came out of a jam. It's kind of a hyper-James-Brown-on-steroids type of scene, you know. [QuickTime, 800KB] Steve really squeezed out what was good about the songs, and within a week of pre-production, everyone in the band said, 'Yeah, Steve's all right.'"

As admirable as his music may be, Rollins is also drawing praise for the invaluable re-issue work he's doing through "Infinite Zero," the label he runs with American Recordings chief Rick Rubin.

The latest "Infinite Zero" release is one of the all-time ultimate cult objects, an album called "Black Monk Time" which was recorded in Germany in 1965, by five ex-G.I.s armed with squealing combo organ, electric banjo, and a truckload of punky attitude.

Collectors have been lusting after

this classic garage artifact (which was never released in this country) for decades, and now Henry Rollins has put it out.

"A guy who works at American Records said, 'What about the Monks record?' and I'm like 'huh?,'" Rollins said. "He started pulling out all this Monk stuff. I said, 'Fine, go after it,' you know. And we get so much mail about that. They had this cult following that I didn't even know. Everyone from Mark Smith of The Fall to Ian MacKaye from Fugazi. Ian e-mailed me the other day and said, 'I got some really cool video stuff of them from this German TV Show.' I'm like, 'Ian, You know who these people are?'" [QuickTime, 1.5MB]

Also included on "Black Monk Time" are such ahead-of-their-time titles as "I Hate You," and "Shut Up."

The Rollins Band, meanwhile, will launch a summer tour in Boston on May 13.