Henry Rollins Recasts Rollins Band For New Album, Preview Tour

Attention Henry Rollins fans: the end of the former Black Flag frontman's musical silence is close at hand.

After spending the last few years focusing on his spoken word records and his 2.13.61 publishing venture (not to mention ghostwriting David Lee Roth's autobiography "Crazy from the Heat"), Rollins has drafted the members of the Los Angeles band Mother Superior into as his new backing band and cut a new album.

Christened "Get Some Go Again," the record marks Rollins' first musical venture since 1997's "Come In and Burn," and is planned for release in January 2000, although Rollins plans to head out on the road briefly in early August to preview some of the new material.

Rollins began working on the material for "Get Some Go Again" with Mother Superior guitarist Jim Wilson, bassist Marcus Blake, and drummer Jason Mackenroth in January at L.A.'s Cherokee Studios. Rollins originally hooked up with the members of Mother Superior when he helped produce that band's 1998 record,


"I asked the guys if they would write some songs with me," Rollins wrote in a statement heralding the new album. "They said yes and so we booked some time at a local rehearsal studio to check it out. It was strange to be in this particular place, as it was the same room I first practiced in when I joined Black Flag in 1981."

Sample song titles for "Get Some Go Again" include "Illumination" and "Monster," and Rollins actually produced the new album completely by himself - the first time he has been afforded such freedom in his near twenty-year career.

After the August dates, Rollins will put the new music album on the shelf for a few months while he jumps back into the spoken word kick to wrap up a world tour in support of his "Think Tank" album and "Do I Come Here Often" prose collection.

Dates for the Rollins Band's summer preview tour:

  • 8/3 - San Francisco, CA @ Slims
  • 8/4 - Santa Barbara, CA @ Coach House
  • 8/6 - San Diego, CA @ Brick

    By Brick

  • 8/7 - West Hollywood, CA @ Troubador
  • 8/10 - Washington, DC @ Nation
  • 8/11 - New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
  • 8/12 - Boston, MA @ Paradise
  • 8/14 - Philadelphia, PA @ Theater of Living Arts