Stones Trot Out Old Favorites

September 5 [12:45 EDT] -- The Rolling Stones played a surprise performance in a Toronto bar last night in addition to their satellite appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The band was not prepared to present their barely rehearsed new material from their new album "Bridges to Babylon," but they had no qualms about ripping through a 70-minute set of Stones favorites including "Brown Sugar," "Honky Tonk Woman," "Little Queenie," "Miss You," "19th Nervous Breakdown" and "The Last Time." They did perform at least one new song however--"Out of Control."

The band squeezed onto the cramped stage at the Horseshoe (a club that's seen better days) supplemented by backup players Bobby Keys, Chuck Leavell and singers Bernard Fowler and Lisa Fisher.

The Stones have been rehearsing at another venue in the Canadian city for the last two weeks. The new album is due late in September. A single, "Anybody Seen My Baby," is now available. The veteran rockers open a world tour

September 23 in Chicago.