Rolling Stones Release "Bridges To Babylon"

Definitely hitting the racks, though, this coming Tuesday, will be a new album by The Rolling Stones, called "Bridges To Babylon" ["Anybody Seen My Baby" live, 1.2MB QuickTime]. Last Tuesday, the unstoppable band, now in its fourth decade, launched a world tour to support the record in Chicago, appropriately enough, the city where most of the Stones' own early idols -- from Chuck Berry to Muddy Waters to Howlin' Wolf -- recorded their classic hits back in the 1950s. We were there, too.

KEITH RICHARDS: Basically, we try and start off with a good kicking song that everybody knows that you haven't started with before.

KURT LODER: Are there any particular Stones songs that the band's never done live, that you've always wanted them to do?


LODER: You have no secret favorites...

WATTS: No, I can't remember half of the gigs, only at these occasions, I remember the ones we

do, when Ronnie writes them on a bit of paper. I don't remember half of them actually, to be honest.

FAN 1: I'd like to hear, "Neighbors."

FAN 2: "Honky Tonk Woman."

FAN 3: "Little Queenie."

FAN 4: "Satisfaction." [Live performance, 1MB QuickTime]

RICHARDS: We like to change the show every night, keep it interesting for the band and for the audience. It won't be the same show every night. You see, that's when you know that people are feeling confident. If Mick comes to me and says "Lets change five songs from the last show we did," then I know my man's feeling good about the band. The whole idea of my job is when he's out there, half a mile down the stadium, that he feels totally confident in what's happening.

LODER: Back on-stage.

RICHARDS: Boom, that's the job: to make him feel free.

FAN 5: His dancing was the greatest, definitely went to town.


Who's opening up in Chicago, do you know?

WATTS: I was told, but I must admit I've never heard of them.

LODER: Are you familiar with any of the bands that are going to be opening up out on the tour?

RON WOOD: No, I should be, shouldn't I? We went through a list of one of them, I've forgotten them. Blues something...

OFF CAMERA: Blues Traveler [Live performance, 1.5MB QuickTime].

WOOD: There you go...

RICHARDS: Hey, you know me, you know, any band's all right with me.

These guys don't do it unless they want to. Sometimes it surprises me because I know Charlie loves to be alone.

WATTS: We wouldn't be doing this if it was up to me.

LODER: What would you be doing?

WATTS: I'd be in bed, you know. I'm very lazy.

WOOD: I'm most happy when we're on the road. It's that, "Ahh! At last I'm with that huge family again."

Next stop for The

Rolling Stones: a couple of Canadian dates before playing Madison, Wisconsin on October 6th.