Jagger Charms At Chat

December 2 [14:00 EDT] -- Mick Jagger proved himself a charming, net savvy guest on AOL Monday, as he revealed, among other things: he spends too much time online, he didn't take on the role of Greta in Bent just to wear silky underwear, and that he's organizing an Internet broadcast site for a cricket match.

Jagger said that he cruises around the Internet while on tour and admitted to reading message boards for feedback on the shows and laughing at some of the online 'spats.' He also said that he doesn't write any songs and watches very little TV while on the road.

When asked about his role in the new movie, "Bent," Jagger replied: "I was not attracted to play the part of Greta in the film because she has glamorous costumes and silky underwear. It is the depth of the character and the arc that I bring to pass in the role that I felt was a challenge to my cross-dressing abilities."

"By the way," he added. "Englishmen aren't the only people to wear dresses, look

at the Balinese." He also said there was no soundtrack currently available for Bent. "We live in hope," he typed.

In answer to a question from a fan in England, Jagger confirmed that he was trying to put together an Internet site to broadcast live audio and video highlights of a cricket game, the champions trophy from Sharjah on December 11. He added he wasn't ready to announce that event until it was "neatly wrapped up."

Jagger also said that the band was in the process of lining up special guests for their pending pay-per-view show "so they can be trotted out to an unsuspecting public."

He liked one fan's question about using a Cadillac at their initial press conference announcing the tour, and divulged that they talked about an old Lincoln, a 30's Mercedes (Too SS), a 60's Bentley (two staid), and a Packard (wrong color).

He said that it's "slightly more difficult" to play Los Angeles and New York because the "audience behaves as if it's the first night

of the tour whether it is or not." "Each place has its own personality," he added. "Small towns get more swept up in the whole event than say a big town like Los Angeles."

Asked if he could give everyone in the world one thing for Christmas, what would it be, he answered "A whistle." When asked who he liked better, the Brit fans or the Americans, Jagger typed the line: "They both have different qualities, he said diplomatically."

Another fan asked how he kept in such good shape. "By eating pizza, which I've just polished off. Now I'm going out to the movies and eat a bag of popcorn. Then to a smoky club."

Tour wise, he said that the band was currently doing four or five songs from the album and that they'd probably stop at six. ("Hope this suits.") He said that in spite of touring steadily since mid-September, he wasn't tired although he was looking forward to a Christmas break even though it was going to be more tiring than touring. (Jagger has three children

with wife Jerry Hall and is expecting a fourth in the very near future).

When asked the obligatory "Will this be your last stadium tour?" Jagger replied: "My crystal ball is in my hands as we interrelate on the Internet and inter us two interestingly the glass has misted over and I can no longer see the future cross my hand with silver dearie and I'll try again."