Stones, U2 Concert Accidents

Lots of people try to wangle their way backstage at rock concerts, but when the show's in Mexico -- as U2's was on Wednesday night -- and your father is the president of the country... well, you apparently don't take kindly to being turned away. But turned away the Mexican president's son was, which led to the son's bodyguard intervening in the dispute, and sending an unsympathetic U2 staffer to the hospital with head injuries that required five stitches to close. The band's manager, Paul McGuinness, quickly made his displeasure known to the Mexican government, which promised an investigation into what it called "an unfortunate incident."

Considerably more unfortunate was the incident at a Rolling Stones concert in Pontiac, Michigan, on Tuesday night, in which a 31-year-old fan -- who had been drinking, and was dancing on a railing at the Pontiac Silverdome -- fell 23 feet to his death. We spoke to Stones guitarist Keith Richards on Friday, and here's what he had to say in

the wake of that fatal fall.

KEITH RICHARDS: I guess he was just having too good a time. Sometimes when I think about what we do, and the enormous amounts of people, that there's not more injuries. But our places are usually 99% of the time totally safe. I mean, I heard that the guy was a little out of it, but then, a lot of my fans are. But, I just think he made his a wrong move because he went over the back... (gestures as if he were falling backwards). I mean, it wasn't as if he were climbing (gestures a forward motion), so there was nobody there to check him.

That clears that up. The dead fan, Eric Zillema, suffered a broken neck. Police said his blood alcohol level was .21 -- twice the legal limit for driving.