Keith Richards No Sprint Poster Boy

December 12 [10:00 EDT] -- You can't count on Keith Richards to butter up the corporate suits.

Sprint handed over $5 million to sponsor the Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon tour, but that didn't stop the guitarist from taking a run at the phone company in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Unfortunately for Sprint, the barrage came in clear as a bell.

"The phones were sh*t," Richards told the magazine, "But I don't use cellular phones, so it makes no difference to me. It's like sticking your head in a microwave oven. They're very bad for you."

The often indecipherable rock star said that he he didn't "chat," he hated phones, they were the bane of his life and that he'd shoot "Alexander damn Graham Bell."

Needless to say, a spokesman for Sprint commenting to Reuters/Variety was more diplomatic. "Keith can say some oddball things," Sprint's Mark Bonavia told the service. He said that Richards comments likely stemmed from a phone problem the company had

when the tour kicked off rehearsals and two shows in Chicago.