The Many Words Of Charlie Watts

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts may soon be hanging up the sticks. Watts, a man of few words even when typing, was a reluctant guest at a Virgin-sponsored AOL chat Wednesday night, and one of his abbreviated answers was not what Stones' fans wanted to hear.

"Do you ever see yourself retiring, being a 'country gent' and enjoying your grandchildren?" asked a fan. "Yes, soon," replied Watts.

In one of his more loquacious responses, when asked if his arms were any sorer nowadays after a show, Watts replied, "No, I don't think so. Not my arms. My head is."

When asked how he gets his 'enigmatic' smile, he answered, "Indigestion."

In other Stones news, insider sources say that the make-up dates for the band's cancelled shows in Syracuse, Toronto and Montreal are about to be announced with an additional stop in Chicago. The performance at the beleaguered Olympic Stadium in Montreal, however, will be deep-sixed however in favor of two shows at the smaller

Molson Centre. The new dates are expected to be mid to late April.