Mick Jagger Loses Paparazzi Suit

The photographers have won another round in the paparazzi vs. celebrities fight card.

A jury has awarded a photographer $600,000 after he claimed he was assaulted by members of Mick Jagger's entourage in October of 1996. AP reports that the photographer, Russell Einhorn, won the settlement from the Viper Room in Los Angeles where the incident occurred. He had reportedly already received an undisclosed settlement from Jagger.

Einhorn claimed the photo he snapped of Jagger kissing actress Uma Thurman would have netted sales totaling a million dollars or more. He alleges that once he took the picture, a Jagger bodyguard wrestled him to the ground and a Viper Room employee took the camera from him and handed it to another member of the Jagger entourage who destroyed the film.

Not coincidentally, Jagger's wife, Jerry Hall, began divorce proceedings shortly after the incident hit the media, but they later reconciled.

Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee had

to pay photographer Henry Trappler after an incident at that same club ( see "Tommy Lee Settles Photographer Suit...") that saw Lee push the man to the ground. Trappler was trying to get a shot of Lee and his wife Pamela Anderson as they left the popular celeb hang out.